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We offer a one year health guarantee for all of our kittens. The health of our cats and kittens is our number one priority.

All of our breeding tribe are tested to be sure they are free of genetic illnesses, and will produce healthy kittens!

We are a small cattery, which means we can pay extra special attention to all the babies that pass through our home, and ensure they socialized and friendly for their new family.

The search for your next kitten ends herE

Hi! We’re The Hammonds. We are a family-owned and operated cattery in the lovely state of Alabama. We have fallen in love with the Maine Coon and are eager to share this treasure we have found with you. All of our kittens are raised with great love and wall socialized as part of our family by the time they go to their new home.

Rocket City coons

We are striving to do our part in making the world a better place, in part by raising the healthiest and most beautiful Maine Coons we can, and by sharing them with you.


Maine Coons are known as the “Gentle Giants” of the domesticated cat world.

They are a breed of growing popularity. As you’ve probability noticed, Maine Coon cats can get REALLY big! These babies are more than either size though, their personality is the best part of this amazing breed.

They’re affectionate, sociable, friendly, and love their humans! They are often described as having a “dog-like” personality. They love to be a part of the action and hang out with you, and be wherever you are.

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